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Eric Voegelin

The subtext of the video is sometimes questionable but it is still a descent introduction to a great political thinker:

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Axial Age and the present

The search for the origin of religion is part of modernity. It arises with the gradual collapse of the biblical narrative.  It has taken various forms from reductionist accounts (Freud, Durkheim) to mythological/antimodernist one (Guenon’s Primordial Tradition). One may wonder … Continue reading

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Europe et Inde

Si on compare la réception de la pensée occidentale en Inde et dans d’autres pays orientaux, on est surpris du manque de radicalité de la rencontre, de la servilité avec laquelle les réformistes hindous ont embrassé la modernité importée, se … Continue reading

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Heidegger and Politics

A good introduction to the Heidegger case: How the same man could be one of the greatest 20th century thinkers and lack so much political and moral discernment? Heidegger epitomizes the case of many philosophers of the time who could … Continue reading

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Heidegger en Asie

A quelques exceptions notables (comme J-L Marion), la reception de Heidegger dans le monde occidental est affreusement jargonante et scolaire. Il n’en va pas de meme de sa reception en Asie. On trouve chez Metha une reflexion sans confusion ni … Continue reading

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Political Theology and Counter-secularization: A Weberian look at Political Islam and Hindu Nationalism

An article on the meaning of political Islam and Hindu nationalism. (published on the MEPEI website)

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