About Tariq Ramadan and the CILE

To the extent that the Habermassian concept of post-secularism can be legitimately applied beyond the Western context (a possibility that Habermas seems to acknowledge),  Tariq Ramadan can be characterized as one of the most articulated contemporary post-secular intellectuals. In some European countries where the very idea of religious intellectuality is seen as contradictory, his positions are frequently caricatured. He is accused of “double-talk” by those who are simply unable to understand him or unwilling to seriously listen to him.

Here are a few videos from the Center for Islamic Ethics and Legislation that he has established in Doha, Qatar and which is pursuing his project of Islamic Reformation.

General presentation of the CILE

A lecture by Tariq Ramadan

Concluding remarks by Tariq Ramadan to the first CILE conference

His book Radical Reform remains probably the best theoretical introduction to his work.

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