Kundalini Yoga

(1) Only joined with Power has the God power to rule, otherwise He cannot even quiver-and so You are worthy of adoration by Hari, Hara, Virinci, and all the rest, and so how dare I who’ve done nothing meritorious reverence and praise You?

You, O wave of consciousness and bliss (9) You pierce earth in the muladhara cakra, water in the manipura cakra, fire in the svadhistana cakra, wind in the anahata cakra and the ether above that, and mind in the cakra between the brows; thus You pierce the entire kula path and then take pleasure with Your Lord in the secrecy of the thousand-petaled lotus. (10) You sprinkle the evolved world with a stream of nectar flowing from beneath Your feet, and from the resplendent abundance of the nectar moon You descend to Your own place, making Yourself a serpent of three and a half coils, and there You sleep again in the cave deep within the foundation.

Sundarya Lahari, attributed to Shankara (trans. Francis Clooney)

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