A powerful text by Julius Evola

“There are some who, at certain moments, are able to become detached from themselves, get beneath the surface, down into the dark depths of the force that rules their body, and where this force loses name and identity. They have the sensation of this force expanding and including “I” and “not-I.” pervading all nature, substantiating time, supporting myriad beings as if they were drunk or hallucinated, reestablishing itself in a thousand forms, irresistible, untamed, inexhaustible, ceaseless, limit-less, burning with eternal insufficiency and hunger. He who reaches this fearful perception, like an abyss suddenly opening, grasps the mystery of samsara and of samsāric consciousness and understands and fully lives anatta, the doctrine of nonaseity, of “not-I.” The passage from purely individual consciousness to this samsāric consciousness that includes indefinite possibilities of existence, both “infernal” and celestial-this, fundamentally, is the basis of the whole Doctrine of Awakening.”

Julius Evola, The Doctrine of Awakening.

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