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Eric Voegelin et l’Orient

Eric Voegelin et l’Orient: Millénarisme et religions politiques de l’Antiquité à Daech (Paris: l’Harmattan, 2016). L’échec des printemps arabes et l’instauration d’un nouveau Califat de la te… Source: Eric Voegelin et l’Orient

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Eric Voegelin in Arabic

To our knowledge, few of Eric Voegelin’s works have been translated into Arabic. The new issue of Adyan contains a translation into Arabic of Eric Voegelin’s “Eschatology and Philosophy: the Practice of Dying” (Chap. 27 of Autobiographical Reflections, University of … Continue reading

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New issue of Religions/Adyan: Peace in a World of Conflicts

Cover courtesy of Kai-Henrik Barth The issue 9 of Adyan is now available To download the English section, click here. To download the Arabic section, click here. Table of content for the English and French section: Editorial by Patrick Laude … Continue reading

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