“Philosophy [is] … indeed the tree of speculation that grows from the heavenly root.”

Eric Voegelin, The World of the Polis, p.282.


“There were no ideas unless there were symbols of immediate experiences.”

Eric Voegelin, Autobiographical reflections, p.63.


“He who kicks dust to sully the sun will find the dust in his own face; this hurts the sun not at all.”

Hindu proverb quoted by the Shankaracharya of Badrinath and Dwarka.


“Revelation or faith is not compelled, by its principle, to refute philosophy. But philosophy is – threatened by the very possibility of revelation which it cannot refute.”

Leo Strauss, “Reason and Revelation”, quoted in Heinrich Meier, Leo Strauss and the Theologico-Political Problem, p.174.


“Today the most important contributions to political science – not in the academic but in the noetic sense – come from archeology, from the investigations of myths and ethnology, from the history of the Ancient Orient, classical Antiquity and the Far East, from classical philology, from the history of Judaism and Christianity, from the history of patristics and scholasticism, and from the science of comparative religion and comparative literature.”

Eric Voegelin, Anamnesis (second edition by David Walsh), p.390

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